Hello readers, my name is Aaron!

I am a young man, in my late teens. I’ve loved the Lord since I was a child and I have always wanted to do my best to please Him.  I am a Reformed Christian, and a Calvinist.  My mission for this blog is to blog about theological topics and how the bible applies to everyday situations.

I don’t have a job currently, I personally spend my time as a computer enthusiast and tech support person.  I am a moderator for a very popular tech forum, Tom’s Hardware.  On the forum we will help you with ANY kind of hardware problem with your computer. If you have a computer problem, feel free to swing by. 🙂

I also enjoy music. I play the violin and have been for 8 years.  While it was tough starting out, now that I’ve grown and am expereinced in violin playing, it’s so much fun to play!


I hope my blog will be an encouragement to you and to also help you understand the bible in it’s true meaning.  God bless!


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