Quick Summary of Mormonism

Mormonism is one of the most bizarre — God beleving — religions I’ve seen yet.  It’s a belief system that is based mostly on claims and not actual evidence. Infact, there is a ton of evidence against what Mormons believe as a whole.

How it Begun:

Momonism is actually a very very young religous movement that started in the 1800s.  It all started with a man named Joseph Smith.

Smith was born at the same time as the Second Great Awakening.  While his family didn’t believe reformed theology, they still participated somewhat in the excitement of the awakening.

When Joseph was 12, he was worried about the welfare of his soul and started studying the scriptures.  However, because of all the religious denominations at the time, he became very confused…

Years later, Smith said he was visited by an angle named Moroni while praying.  Mormoni told Smith about the location of a buried book made of golden plates which had egyptian writings on it displaying historical writings about the Isrealites working in America.


After digging the golden plates out of the ground, Joseph Smith along with a few scholars begain transcribing the plates.

Once the transcribing was finished, Smith published it as the Book of Mormon.  Soon afterwards, Smith started the LDS Church.



At the very very surfacy level, Mormons appear to believe almost everything a Christian believes in.  They believe in God the Father, they believe that Jesus is the Son of God and a few other key Christian beliefs aswell.

However, once you dig just a little deeper, things get more interesting.

  1. They believe the Trinity is not a “three in one” as we would describe it as Christians.  Rather they believe God the Father and Jesus Christ are distinct physical beings, while the Holy Spirit is the only one of the three that lives in a spirtual body.
  2. They also believe that Adam (from the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1) is actually God the Father.  And………you guessed it, Eve is God’s wife; the Heavenly Mother.
  3. Perhaps the most known fact about Mormon’s is that they practiced polygamy.  Well, actually not anymore.  Ever since the U.S Government came in and disallowed polygamy 122 years ago, polygamy is not practiced by mormons anymore.  Any who do practice this get excommunicated.
  4. The Book of Mormon is more perfect than the bible.   It’s less flawed than the Bible making it more than equal to the Bible for mormons.
  5. Lucifer is not an angel.  He is the brother of Jesus Christ himself.
  6. Mormon’s still do many ordinances and rituals that the priests of the old testament did.  They still do animal sacrifice, they have several priesthoods (including the Aronic and Melchizedek priesthoods).

There are many many more beliefs I could list that they believe.

Errors of Mormonism:

The biggest issue Mormon’s face is the huge lack of evidence found that supports most of what Mormon’s believe.  It’s the achilles’ heel of the entire religion.

Another issue is how it was born.  Every single part of mormonism is centered ALL around one man, Joseph Smith.  When only one man raises an entire religion from nothing should make everybody suspicious.  A good example is the golden plates, Joseph was the only one that actually told anybody about these golden plates.  No other historical document witnesses this occasion.

Meanwhile, the Christian Bible has thousands upon thousands of historical documents that proves everything it says.  Even historic sites like Jerico give evidence that the bible is correct on how the city was built and how it was destroyed.  No other book has as many manuscripts supporting it as does the Bible.

Another contrast is that the Bible uses dozens upon dozens of people throught ages and centuries to write the bible. Every single book in the bible fits perfectly like a puzzle piece into the big picture.


Mormonism looks good on the outside, but is completely false on the inside.  It’s just one of many false religions that does this.

As Christians It’s important to remember to be wary and watchful of relgious cults like these.  If were not careful, we can easily fall into many of their false doctrines.

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